Moving on Up Puppies Move Out!

Moving on Up Puppies Move Out!

Today the Moving On Up puppies left Van Isle Doodle with their new, furever families.  We have such a wonderful group of people taking these little labradoodles home with them and couldn’t be happier for the puppies.

While we are always sad to see our puppies leave us, it is a pleasure to see the joy a puppy brings to the families’ faces from the youngest to the oldest – a true delight.  And, it makes losing all those adorable puppy kisses easier on us.

The pups are headed to a variety of locations including Harrison Hot Springs on the lower mainland, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Victoria and further up Vancouver Island to Port Alberni.  Our puppies are located in so many different spots now that inevitably someone will run into another Van Isle Labradoodles puppy along the way.  Today, we discovered that one of our families have daughters who row and the club they row at is managed by one of our other owners who also took home a puppy today.  Labradoodle puppy play dates on the water coming up!  Paddling adventures may take a back seat for a bit while everyone enjoys the entertainment of young pups first discovering the ocean and being on a boat for the first time.

Red Collar girl, now Raspberry went home with the Thorp family

Picture of Red Collar as young puppy

Brown Collar, now Henry went home with Jennifer to join his new Dad, Erik Ages

Picture of Brown COllar as a young puppy

Green Collar boy, Now Fergus went home with the Rolfe family

Green collar as a young puppy
Green collar with his new family of four

Yellow Collar boy, now Jim went home with his Mom Jen

Yellow collar as a young puppy

Orange Collar boy, yet to be named went home with the Faherty family

Orange Collar as a young puppy
Orange collar boy with his new family

Blue Collar boy, now Finley went home with his Mom Angie

We are looking forward to updates from our families as we share in the journey these littles ones embark on as they grow from labradoodle puppies into amazing labradoodle adults.  There are a lot of friendships being developed and strong bonds that will tie these families and their puppies together for life.  Thank you to everyone for the love, care and kindness we know you will shower our puppies with. 

If you would like to have a labradoodle puppy in your life, we are currently seeking a guardian home for one of our puppies from the Moving On Up litter.  Van Isle’s Ocean Breeze is a fun loving, affectionate chocolate parti girl who would fit right in with a family with children, a couple or an active single person.  Breezy as she is known would be happy with other pets as well and can’t wait to find her furever family so she can smother them with kisses and show them a lifetime of loyalty, affection and fun!  Please visit the Guardian Page for more information on our Guardian program.  If you feel you might be a good fit for Breezy, please contact us.

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