Puppy Assignments - Moving on Up

Puppy Assignments - Moving on Up

Labradoodle puppies in their doggy bed

Well the big day has finally arrived when everyone finds out who their puppy is.  So without further ado here is how we have matched our puppies to their new families and the reasons why:

Red Collar

Red Collar is going to the Thorp Family.  This puppy exudes all the wonderful qualities that make people gravitate to labradoodle puppies.  Red is crazy about children, loves to be snuggled and cuddled and lives for her outdoor play time.  Labradoodles are known for their intelligence and this puppy has shown us repeatedly how well she is able to use her smarts and yearns to learn just exactly what it is you would like her to do so she will receive even more pets and hugs.  Red is a considerate and sweet puppy who knows when to be gentle but is well able to hold her own.  The Thorp family has 3 younger girls who are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to grow up with their very own labradoodle puppy and we think Red Collar is going to be thrilled to spend her life with these lovely young girls all of whom are sweet and gentle themselves.  I can’t wait to find out what Red’s name will be as the girls all have names I am in love with: River, Fisher and Autumn Rain.  Mom works in a residential care setting and she hopes with some time and training Red will become the in-house labradoodle at her workplace.  We feel Red will easily handle life with young children as well as entertaining and comforting older people. 

Brown Collar

Brown Collar is going to be part of a large extended family through his Dad Erik’s work at a paddling club.  Brown will be spending most of his time either on or around the water and be an ambassador of sorts for Erik and the club.  Brown is an inquisitive puppy who exhibits one of the preferred labradoodle traits of being exceptionally social.  Old, young, middle aged, female, male – Brown loves everyone he meets and can’t wait to greet them and add them to his circle of friends.  Another trait labradoodles have is their ability to adapt readily to unique and new situations.  We feel Brown’s strength in this area as well as his very social demeanour will stand him in good stead with both his Dad and all the members of the paddling club.  I anticipate Brown will think he has gone to labradoodle heaven when he discovers just how many admirers he will have pretty much every minute of every day.

Labradoodle puppy, brown with white striped face

Green Collar

Green Collar is going to be joining the Rolfe family.  This sweet, soft, gentle labradoodle puppy is going to fit right in with his large family with 3 older children.  In particular, Green Collar is going to form a very close friendship and bond with his new “brother” Finley.  Finley has been asking for a dog from even before he could speak and is absolutely dog crazy!  He isn’t just crazy about labradoodles, Finley adores every single dog in the entire world!  We are sure that Green’s quiet and thoughtful way will make him an excellent fit in the Rolfe household.  Green adores being held and stroked and is a thoughtful and considerate puppy.  You can often find Green sitting back thinking things through – using his native intelligence that is part of the Labradoodle breed – determining what the best course of action is to please his humans.  Green is a calm puppy but he is also more than happy to be outside playing, running and going on walks to explore his environment.  We are sure Green is going to fit in perfectly with the rest of the Rolfe household.

Labradoodle puppy with white stripe, snout and brown patches over eyes

Orange Collar

Orange Collar is going to be joining the Flaherty family.  This puppy has the most adorable markings on his face and is the sweetheart of the litter.  Gentle, patient, fun and always happy, this little fellow is content to sit back and wait for his share of the cuddles and hugs and he enjoys them enthusiastically once they arrive.  Orange is fond of young children and has many of the natural labradoodle instincts that make them such a good fit for families with children:  Gentle, patient and very forgiving, Orange will be happy to put up with what young children like to dish out with an intuitive understanding that the children are just that, children.  Orange loves to be outside and is often fond exploring off on his own.  Orange is equally happy to be sitting on someone’s lap as he is to be outside running around.  We feel Orange has just the right balance of energy, playfulness and calmness to suit his new family.  Matthew and Morgan will have a best friend to grow up with and when those sibling disagreements happen, Orange will be there to love both of them equally.

Yellow Collar

Yellow Collar is going to be going to live with his Mom Jen in beautiful Harrison Hot Springs just outside of Vancouver!  Lucky dog!  Yellow is the largest puppy in this litter and also the most entertaining.  Yellow has his own unique qualities that are often expressed in ways that make us laugh as he is a bit of the litter clown.  Unfailingly upbeat and positive, you simply cannot be upset or depressed around this fellow.  Yellow also possesses that natural intuition labradoodles are known for and we think this combined with his eternal effervescence makes him the ideal match with his Mom Jen.  Yellow’s new family also includes a cat and we think Yellow will find this to be most agreeable and make fast friends with his new buddy.  Yellow is intelligent, curious and always keen for a new adventure so we think that too will work well for all the trails he will have to explore virtually out his back door.  Yellow bonds very readily and we know a deep relationship will blossom between Jen and Yellow.

Labradoodle puppy with lots of white and brown patches for eyes and nose

Blue Collar

Blue Collar is going to his new Mom, Angie.  Blue will also have a cat in his family and we think Blue’s affinity for other animals makes him a natural fit with his new family.  Blue is always eager to greet anyone who comes within his sight and his tail is a typical labradoodle tail – always wagging.  Blue can’t wait for the doggie door to open so he can get outside and start his adventures for the day.  While Blue loves his humans, he is always confident enough to be content on his own doing things independently.  Blue will be spending time in daycare so this is an important consideration when choosing a puppy for that type of situation.  While Blue will be fine in the daycare environment, he is also the type of puppy who will develop a deep, loyal bond to his new Mom and know that she and the cat are his home.  With his love for the outdoors and his Mom’s love of capturing nature with her camera, we expect these two will often be seen out and about in the beautiful outdoors around Victoria and the Vancouver Island area.  I expect Blue will be very pleased to come back home after these adventures and let the cat know he got to do something special with Mom while the cat had to stay at home.  The cat, I am quite sure will be pleased to remind Blue that he was the one to guard the home and ensure everything was looked after while he was out goofing off yet again.  I think Angie is going to have a very entertaining household with her labradoodle and kitty!

Redish brown labradoodle puppy with very thin white stripe down the face to the nose
Redish brown puppy with a thin white stripe on face

Purple Collar

Purple is now Van Isle’s Diamond Solitaire and will be held back as a breeding prospect for us.  We are fortunate to have two outstanding females in this litter and will retain both of them at this point in time.  We will complete some initial testing by 6 months of age and then determine whether to move forward with both girls or place one as a fully trained, mature puppy in a pet home around 6 or 8 months of age.

Brown labradoodle puppy with strong white on face

Parti Girl

Parti Girl is now Van Isle’s Ocean Breeze.  Breezy as she is known is the other female being retained as a breeding prospect for us.  Pending successful health testing results we look forward to adding Breezy to our team and for the stunning puppies we are sure she will produce.  Breezy will be living in a guardian home.

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our amazing families from the Moving On Up Litter for the care and love they have already shown us for their puppies.  It is a long wait from the time you first place your name on the waiting list to when you finally are able to take your puppy home.  All of you have endured a lot of questions from me and been so forthcoming and open in your responses and letting me get to know you better.

Renald and I, along with our assistant, Taylor, have spent literally hundreds of hours getting to know the puppies, assessing them, evaluating them and pouring over our notes about the puppies and all of you.  We have had a good variety of other people come to interact with the puppies and exposed them to as many different situations as possible.

We know all of you will love these little sweeties just as much as we have and enjoy them as we have too.  They are a terrific group with lovely temperaments.  I feel we were able to make excellent matches for all of you and am so thrilled there was just the perfect puppy for each family.  Enjoy your new best friends and be prepared to be smothered with puppy kisses!!!!