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Come discover our small-scale family orientated approach to breeding.

British Columbia’s highest quality and most loved multigen labradoodle puppies.

Van Isle Labradoodles is focused on quality labradoodle breeding and care. We maintain the highest professional standards of care for our dogs and we love them like a member of our family. Come and explore our approach to labradoodle breeding.

Van Isle’s Latest News

Puppies: A Formal Affair are 3 Weeks old!

Here we are at the 3 week mark for the A Formal Affair litter of mini labradoodle puppies. This past…
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Puppies: A Formal Affair is 2 Weeks Old

Puppies: A Formal Affair is 2 Weeks Old

The Formal Affair puppies are 2 weeks old today and they have reached a major milestone – their eyes are…
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Puppies: A Formal Affair is 1 Week Old

Puppies: A Formal Affair is 1 Week Old

It’s Boxing Day 2017 and Pippa’s mini labradoodle puppies are a week old. While we celebrated Christmas there were a…
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Moving on Up Puppies Move Out!

Moving on Up Puppies Move Out!

Today the Moving On Up puppies left Van Isle Doodles with their new, furever families. We have such a wonderful…
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Puppy Assignments - Moving on Up

Puppy Assignments - Moving on Up

Well the big day has finally arrived when everyone finds out who their puppy is.  So without further ado here…
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About Us

We found Vanisledoodles on the ALAA website and really appreciate Claire's love for her dogs and her attention to all the details. She was great to work with and we had a lovely time on both our visits in her home. The pups are all so well loved and cared for. Claire and Renald have a beautiful home and the doodle den was also clearly well maintained. Our Henry is a darling. He came almost totally house broken and sitting on cue. He's wonderful with everyone, children included. We receive compliments all the time about how sweet and well behaved he is and have recommended Claire as an excellent choice of breeder to many already.

Kim and Russ

We had been looking for a labradoodle puppy for about two years.  We had researched many breeders when we were fortunate enough to find Claire and Renald at Van Isle Doodles.  They welcomed us into their home and we were very impressed with the dog facilities and knew  right away that we had found the breeder we had been searching for. Claire provided us with regular updates during Peanuts' pregnancy with photos and videos after the puppies were born allowing us to enjoy every step of the way . Sadie is 7 months old now and we enjoy every day with her. She is a delight!

Glen & Cheri Robinson

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful creature you brought into my world. He is everything and more than I expected. He disposition and enjoyment of life. I love that you nuture and care so much for your puppies and dogs. It shows in many ways; how you trained, cared and helped our puppy through the first few months of life really shows now he is a teenager. Van Isle Doodles is more than a breeder business, it is a wonderous home of love, care, learning and attention to the little details that matter so much to owners and puppies. They grow up feeling secure and strong in their future homes. Thank you a million times over!

Louisa F

I can’t imagine finding better breeders anywhere.  The expertise, the caring, the sharing of information and the wonderful loving preparation of our puppy for her new home was so outstanding.  Our little Daisy arrived so well socialized, well mannered and is such an absolute delight in our family.  Our Australian Labradoodle Daisy is a cuddly, smoochie and very bright little puppy.  She learns quickly, is eager to please and I know that so much of that is due to the time, effort and love that Claire and Renald put into their puppy families.   I thank them for giving us such a wonderful little addition to our family.  She is pure fun and so easy to love.  Everyone says she is the “cutest puppy ever” and looks like a little teddy bear.  Thanks again.

Rose F

We just got our baby girl from van isle doodles. Claire is a great breeder and keeps us well informed from the very beginning. She is experienced, knowledgable, pleasant to talk to and most important of all, she breeds the best Australian Labradoodle puppies! I could not thank her enough for being there patiently guiding us whenever I have any question! Thumbs up van isle doodles!

Alice S

I would like you to know that she is a really very good girl. She pretty much always pees and poos outside now. I often leave my back door open in the day, as the back garden is really safe, and she just runs right out there. She gets into her crate no trouble at all at night, spends about 10 mins rearranging it to her liking, and then sleeps till around seven. And of course, if there was a competition for the best sitting dog. She could sit for Canada. AND - she never bites me, sometimes she will jump up and grab ones skirt tail, but does not bite the person -seems to have a sense of when she has got hold of your arm or something. She is really a very lovely girl.

Jan M

We are fortunate to have such a lovely, good natured pup for our first experience. You’ve done well in producing such well-adjusted dogs with a calm temperament. The whole experience of getting our first puppy has been positive. Your web site is informative. Your emails are helpful and filled with information we need. All this makes bringing up a pup so much easier and pleasant than I ever expected. And we enjoyed our visits as we watched you interact with your pups. So much love for all the little creatures. No wonder Cocoa is so open and loving to all experiences and people. And she’s not clingy or afraid but ready to grow into a special dog.

Carmen S

I’m sure this sounds familiar but we couldn’t be happier with Maggie. She’s lovable, smart & has an impish personality that melts your heart, even when she ‘zooms’ through the garden! Everyone who has met Maggie is impressed with how quiet & relaxed she is. Both of our daughters have dogs & she loves playing with them. Laura’s dog, Lucy, is the one in the pictures. Julie’s 6 mon old black lab, Cooper, is also lots of fun but he outweighs her by about 35lbs so she gets worn out much more quickly & runs under chairs/etc. when she needs to.

June M

We offer the best miniature and medium multigenerational Australian Labradoodles combining proven, established bloodlines with unique quality genetic diversity to achieve optimum health and temperament.

Our puppies are hand raised and socialized. They are bred to be intelligent, engaging, healthy, and true ALAA breed standard. Our puppies’ dispositions and trainability will give you a lifetime of love, laughter and friendship.

Guardian Homes

We are currently accepting applications for Guardian Homes

Guardian homes are the extended family of Van Isle Labradoodles. When you become a guardian home one of our puppies or adult dogs comes to live with you forever.

We develop a close relationship with our Guardians and work together during a dog’s short breeding career. Litters are born and cared for at our house while the dog lives with you the rest of the time.

It is important that our dogs each have a loving and caring family to call their own, but we also need to have the highest quality genetic diversity for our breeding program to be successful. Once the breeding career of the dog is complete, the dog will be neutered/spayed at our expense, full ownership
transferred to you and your initial investment returned as a thank you from us.

Don’t live on Vancouver Island? No Problem.

Ferry transport of Labradoodle Puppies available

Free Hand Delivery of Labradoodles Puppies available to Horseshoe Bay and Tswwassen Ferry terminals for our Vancouver, Richmond, Langley, Surrey, North Shore and all other Lower Mainland customers.

Free Hand Delivery of Labradoodles Puppies available to YVR (Vancouver International Airport) for any customers coming from across Canada, the United States or Internationally.

Transport of Labradoodle Puppies accross Canada, the US and to Europe

Hand Delivery Options are available across Canada, the United States and Europe.